Konflikt `47:Churchill Meteor

Konflikt `47:Churchill Meteor
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Churchill Meteor

In a bid to utilise more Rift-technology in enhanced combat power, a relatively minor line of development inadvertently spawned the Meteor Rocket and subsequently its tank-mounted launcher. The discovery of a metal degrading enzyme that could rapidly degrade armour plate led Britain’s Rift-tech scientists to develop a ceramic-tipped rocket that could be launched from a multiple launcher against heavily armoured targets.
The rockets worked best when fired in a staggered wave, being able to strike the target with multiple rounds, as the enzymes quickly turned the armour brittle and fragile in preparation for the next incoming round. An armour-piercing core to the rounds would then penetrate the hull and disable the target’s crew.
The launcher system has been steadily improved; the gunner is able to use some or all of the payload dependant on the target, increasing the weapon’s effectiveness as a full reload of the launcher can take some considerable time. When the rocket payload is exhausted, the Churchill can fall back on its 75mm main armament and can continue to operate as a conventional heavy tank until able to reload its Rift-tech weaponry.
The Churchill Meteor in Konflikt '47
With a large variety of weaponry and heavily armoured chassis, the Churchill meteor is certainly a threat to any army. As a result, the enemy will heavily target it, either through combined targeted fire or outflanking it. To keep this from happening ensure your Churchill is supported on the flanks with infantry or weapon teams and keep a solid firing line.
Cost:    340pts (Regular), 410pts (Veteran).
Weapons:         1 turret-mounted medium anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG. 1 turret mounted Meteor rocket launcher. 1 forward facing hull-mounted MMG.
Damage value: 10+ (heavy tank).
Special Rules:  Slow HE
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
28mm, metal/plastic/resin
Warlord Games
Konflikt `47:Churchill Meteor
Konflikt `47:Churchill Meteor
Konflikt `47:Churchill Meteor
Konflikt `47:Churchill Meteor
Konflikt `47:Churchill Meteor


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