Judge Dredd RPG: Cursed Earth

Judge Dredd RPG: Cursed Earth
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Judge Dredd RPG: Cursed Earth

The Cursed Earth is a vast, radioactive wasteland filled with mutants, outlaws, and more.
Whether you're undertaking a desperate raid outside the borders of Mega-City One, or you're a Mutant trying to eke out a life in the blasted wasteland, the Cursed Earth provides endless opportunities for adventure.
Within you'll find 10 new mutant species including the Alabammy Blimp, Brotherhood of Darkness, Dog Soldier, Gila Munja, Kentucky Trog and more, plus expanded mutation tables which include animal mutations, corporeal mutations, and metaphysical mutations. You'll also find a wide range of new mutant careers, equipment, a gazeteer, and a full adventure which takes you on an epic trek across the Cursed Earth as you deperately try to deliver a vital antidote to Mega-City Two!
An essential book for those playing mutant characters or those venturing out into The Cursed Earth!
This supplement requires the use of the Worlds of 2000AD core rulebook.

Warlord Games/EN Publishing


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