Dystopian Legions Core Rulebook

Dystopian Legions Core Rulebook
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Dystopian Legions Core Rulebook

A full colour Dystopian Legions 2.0 core rulebook that shows just how exciting Platoon level action can be in a Dystopian Wars world.
Key aspects of the game include:
- Brand New Book Design & Layout
- Improved Core engine
- Enhanced Force and Deployment rules
- Ability to play Platoon level games
- Diagrams and examples
- Packed Full of colour photographs
- Streamlined mechanics designed to speed up game play
- New and improved Ironclad rules
- New and improved Command & Control rules
- Character & Sidekick Enhancement
There has never been a better time to rally your forces under your favourite nation’s battle flag. So muster your soldiers and tanks – Dystopian Legions 2.0 is here!


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