SA-8 Gecko SAM Platoon

SA-8 Gecko SAM Platoon
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Artikel verfügbar

SA-8 Gecko SAM Battery

Includes two resin and metal SA-8 Gecko SAM vehicles and one Unit Card.

The SA-8 Gecko is a highly effective mobile air-defence missile system that incorporates both its engagement radars and missile launchers in one vehicle. This allows it to detect, track, and engage aircraft independently.

Its SA-8 surface-to-air missiles are further enhanced by a radar guidance system that can guide two missiles simultaneously. It also has a back-up electro-optical guidance system that can be used if the radar is jammed by ECM (Electronic Counter  Measures).

The SA-8 Gecko in Team Yankee 
Tactical: 10”/25cm
Terrain Dash: 10”/25cm
Cross Country Dash: 16”/40cm
Road Dash: 36”/900cm
Cross: 5+

SA-8 Gecko AA Missile
Range: 72”/180cm
Rate of Fire - Halted: 3
Rate of Fire - Moving: -
Anti-tank: -
Firepower: 3+
Guided AA

15mm, resin/metal
Battlefront Miniatures

SA-8 Gecko SAM Platoon SA-8 Gecko SAM Platoon SA-8 Gecko SAM Platoon SA-8 Gecko SAM Platoon SA-8 Gecko SAM Platoon

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The experience of the Korean War led US Army officials to begin the phasing out of the M24 Chaffee in favour of designs based around the more modern M41 Walker Bulldog. Included in the M24 family of vehicles was the M19 GMC. Developed towards the end of the Second World War, the M19 was armed with two of the highly effective 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns mounted in an open-topped turret capable of traversing 360º.

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SA-9 Gaskin SAM Platoon

SA-9 Gaskin SAM Platoon

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The M577 is a derivative of the M113 series of Armoured Personnel Carriers; it is essentially a standard M113 but with an elevated roof that begun just behind the driver’s position. Originally designed as a command post vehicle, the M577 was also used as a fire-direction centre, communications vehicle and to provide mobile medical treatment.

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