2S3 Acacia Heavy Battery

2S3 Acacia Heavy Battery
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Artikel verfügbar

2S3 Acacia Heavy SP Howitzer Battery

Includes three resin and metal Acacia Heavy SP vehicles and two Unit Cards.

The arrival of the US M109 self-propelled howitzer in the NATO arsenal prompted the Soviet Union to develop a similar self-propelled howitzer of their own. The result was the 2S3 Acacia, which first entered service in 1973.
The 2S3 Acacia is armed with the 152mm howitzer. It is capable of firing armour piercingtracer (AP-T), high-explosive fragmentation (HE-FRAG), high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT), illumination, smoke, and nuclear projectiles. The 2S3 Acacia carries 46 rounds arranged in two mechanised stowage units (one in the turret and one in the rear of the hull). The maximum range of the howitzer is 17.4 km (10.8 miles).

The 2S3 Acacia has a crew of four, including commander, gunner, loader and driver. Two additional ammunition bearers can be attached when firing from a static position. They are stationed to the rear of the vehicle to feed additional ammunition to the crew inside the vehicle through the rear hatches.

The Acacia in Team Yankee 

Tactical: 10”/25cm
Terrain Dash: 16”/40cm
Cross Country Dash: 24”/60cm
Road Dash: 28”/70cm
Cross: 4+

152mm howitzer
Range: 88”/220cm
Rate of Fire - Halted: Artillery
Rate of Fire - Moving: Artillery
Anti-tank: 4
Firepower: 2+
Smoke Bombardment

or Direct Fire
Rate of Fire - Halted: 1
Rate of Fire - Moving: 1

Anti-tank: 14
Firepower: 1+
Brutal, HEAT, Slow firing, Smoke

or Optional Krasnopol Projectiles
Range:16”/40 - 88”/220cm
Rate of Fire - Halted: 1
Rate of Fire - Moving: -
Anti-tank: 4
Firepower: 1+
Brutal, Krasnopol Projectiles

7.62mm AA MG
Rate of Fire - Halted: 3
Rate of Fire - Moving: 3
Anti-tank: 2
Firepower: 6


2S3 Acacia Unit Card
BMP-1 OP Unit Card

15mm, metal/resin
Battlefront Miniatures

2S3 Acacia Heavy Battery 2S3 Acacia Heavy Battery 2S3 Acacia Heavy Battery 2S3 Acacia Heavy Battery 2S3 Acacia Heavy Battery

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