Georg von Derfflinger

Georg von Derfflinger
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Georg von Derfflinger

Georg von Derfflinger (1606-1695) - came from an Austrian protestant peasant family, during the Thirty Years War he fought alongside his brothers in faith. He was a courageous cavalryman and gained much experience in the Swedish army; as a result after joining the Prussian army in 1654 he played a major role in its reform – especially the cavalry. Apart from his bravery he was also famous for his quarrelsome nature and great liking for alcohol; this led to numerous rows with his participation.
He was rumored to have led units against the French at the age of 84.

Special Rules:

Von Derfflinger and all friendly Units within 20cm of him may re-roll failed Morale tests.

Excellent Commander [reiters]
Every turn the commander gains 1 additional Command Point that can be used to issue an Order to a reiter Unit or can be transferred to a reiter Unit commander.

You can never be sure how will last night’s drinking influence the general – in step B Comparison of Forces

roll a die:

1: Aggressive – Basic amount of Command Points necessary to give Defense Order or Instruction and to Reorganize Units is 2. Subordinate Commanders may not issue the Defense Order using Command Points transferred from him. Issuing of a Charge Order or Instruction costs 1 Command Point less than normal (but not less than 1 Point).

2-4: Negligent Reconnaissance – You may not send Reconnaissance.

5-7: Careless – In the first turn his army does not receive free Orders (they need to be issued in a normal way).

8-0: Disliked – Randomly choose one Regiment. Treat all Units from this Regiment as Insubordinate.
In order to transfer a Command Point to the Commander of this Regiment you must spend 1 additional Command Point.


The general is difficult to surprise. If he is the Commander in Chief then he may choose
which side has the Initiative in the first Turn. If two or more Commanders in Chief have
this rule then none of them may use it.
Georg von Derfflinger’s division is based on units formed in Brandenburg, that in autumn of 1656 arrived to Ducal Prussia. Here some of them were transferred under other officer’s command, while the remaining regiments – supported by Prussian troops – were send to border with Poland.

15mm, metal

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