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Congo: Mungo Mah Lobeh + 2 Figures

Congo: Mungo Mah Lobeh + 2 Figures
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Patton’s Fighting First

Patton’s Fighting First
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Art.Nr.: BF-USAB08
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Artikel verfügbar

Artikel verfügbar

Patton’s Fighting First 
Contains five plastic M4 Sherman Tanks, three plastic M3 Stuart Tanks, two plastic M10 Tanks, three plastic tank commander sprues, three decal sheets, six unit cards, one mini Flames of War rule book and one printed Assembly Guide.

Patton's Fighting First is a completely mechanized army deal that covers all the bases with three Stuarts ready to dash ahead and cause some trouble, five Shermans that forum the solid and dependable core, and a pair of M10 tank destroyers that can keep German Panzers honest.

The M4 Sherman
The M4 Medium Tank—best known by the nickname ‘Sherman’ given to it by the British—is the most famous American tank, operated in

large numbers by the US and their allies across all theatres. Over the course of the war there will be numerous variants, changing the engine and suspension, adding more armour and bigger guns, but all with the same tall, solid shape.

The M4A1 model, recognisable by its distinctive rounded single-piece cast upper hull, is the first Sherman variant to enter combat with the US armored forces. Most of the initial production run of the original M4 variant, with its sharpsided welded upper hull, were supplied to the British through the Lend-Lease programme.

The M3 Stuart
As well as serving with US armored divisions in the light battalions of the armored regiments, thousands of M3 Light Tanks were supplied to Britain and the Soviet Union. The British codenamed the tank ‘General Stuart’, after the famous American Civil War cavalry commander, and the name caught on with US troops as well.

The M3 Stuart was mechanically reliable, and even though it had lighter armor and a smaller gun than the latest German panzers, its small size and high speed made it well suited to probing enemy defences and fighting a free-wheeling and tactical style of moving battle.

The M10
The most potent weapon the US Army has in Tunisia for dealing with enemy tanks is the M10 tank destroyer, officially named the M10 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage. It has one job: to stalk and destroy enemy tanks, breaking up the focused armoured attacks for which the German Panzer Divisions have become famous.

Flames Of War 4th Edition Mini Rulebook (x1)
Plastic M4 Sherman Sprue (x5)
Plastic M3 Stuart Sprue (x3)
Plastic M10 Sprue (x2)
Plastic Tank Commander Sprue (x3)
M4 Sherman Decal Sheet (x1)
M10 Decal Sheet (x1)
M3 Stuart Decal Sheet (x1)

Unit Cards
Fighting First (x1)
Movement Orders (x1)
M3 Stuart (x1)
M4 Sherman HQ (x1)
M4 Sherman (x1)
M10 3-Inch (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront MIniatures

Patton’s Fighting First Patton’s Fighting First Patton’s Fighting First Patton’s Fighting First Patton’s Fighting First

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Fighting First Tokens

Fighting First Tokens

Fighting First Tokens

includes two Ranged In tokens, four Foxholes tokens, eight Pinned Down tokens, one Leader token, four Gone To Ground tokens and one Anti-Aircraft token.

Even though they are toy soldiers, your troops react to heavy fire like real soldiers. Sometimes they get pinned down or bail out of their tanks. They can dig foxholes for protection or go to ground, hiding from the enemy. Tokens help you keep track of the state of your troops.

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US Paint Set - Fighting First Paint Set

US Paint Set - Fighting First Paint Set

 US Paint Set - Fighting First Paint Set

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Fighting First Dice

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Fighting First: US Forces in North Africa 1942-1943

Fighting First: US Forces in North Africa 1942-1943

Fighting First: US Forces in North Africa 1942-1943

The latest Mid War book for Flames Of War 4th Edition is here. Fighting First is 52 pages and covers the American forces fighting in North Africa through the Tunisian campaign.

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