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Chōbei's Renegades

Chōbei's Renegades
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Art.Nr.: BF-TANKS40
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Artikel verfügbar


Out of the three new tanks, the Honey has the lowest point cost. At twelve points each, you can fit eight of these light tanks into a 100-point list and still have four points left over for upgrades. This is swarm tactics taken to the extreme.

 On top of being cheap, the Honey is Fast and has the Recon rule giving it’s low Defense of 0 a massive boost while on the move and in cover. The Honey’s low Defence and Damage capacity makes them easy to kill in the open, so holding objectives can become a real issue. To help with this we added a cool new upgrade, Smoke Dischargers. For the price of -3 Attack, Smoke Dischargers gives your tank cover anywhere. This may not seem big, but on a Honey that has moved three times and has Recon, discarding this card can give the Honey up to 5 Defence dice even in the open.

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures

Honey Honey

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