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German Feldgendarme Motorcycle Team

German Feldgendarme Motorcycle Team
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British Grant TANKS Expansion

British Grant TANKS Expansion
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Art.Nr.: BF-TANKS38
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Artikel verfügbar


The Grant is a flexible tank and the ability to fire normally at 3 Attack or as an Assault Gun for 4 Attack makes it very versatile. At 14 points you could fit seven of these tanks into a 100-point list. To give the Grant a defensive boost we added the new SAS Guide Crewman to the expansion. The SAS Guide gives a Defence bonus while you are in cover. This bonus is huge for the British as they need to stay Stationary to utilize their Semi-Indirect rule, so to have the ability to sit still in a forest and still gain +2 to Defence is massive for any British tank.

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures

British Grant TANKS Expansion British Grant TANKS Expansion

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