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Panzer IV 7.5cm (Long) and (Short)

Panzer IV 7.5cm (Long) and (Short)
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Grant Armoured Troop

Grant Armoured Troop
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Art.Nr.: BF-BBX37
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Artikel verfügbar

Artikel verfügbar

Desert Rats Grant Armoured Troop

includes five plastic Grant tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheets and five Unit Cards.

British armoured regiments were delighted to receive the new American-made M3 Grant tank, which gave them a tank with a gun as good as those on the German panzers, with armour to match. Rushed into service to meet the urgent need for a heavy 75mm-armed tank it took the Germans by surprise. Its thick armour and powerful 75mm gun are superior to most of the German panzers.
Its only real downside is its height, which makes it a conspicuous target in the desert. The placement of the 75mm gun makes it difficult to conceal the tank in a hull-down position behind terrain. At Alam el Halfa, with time to prepare a static defence, the British were able to partly overcome these difficulties by carefully choosing the placement of each Grant.

The Grant
The agreement between the US and Britain did not allow for British designs to be made in US factories, so in 1940 Britain ordered M3 Medium tanks from various US manufacturers. These first vehicles were purchased directly and were not part of the later lend-lease program. Because of this, the British were able to make a few modifications to the initial American design and the Grant was born.
A larger turret was built, without the machine-gun cupola, to house the British radio requirements inside the turret (as opposed to the US design mounting it in the hull). Though longer and wider, the turret was lowered to reduce the tanks silhouette, adding to the effect of removing the cupola.
Like the US M3 Medium, it was armed with a 75mm gun in a sponson mounted on the right side of the hull front and a 37mm gun in the turret. It was named by the British the Grant after the famous American Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant.
It proved a popular and morale boosting addition to the ranks of the 8th Army. The dual-purpose 75mm gun (firing both HE and AP ammunition) gave the British the edge they were after in the desert when it was introduced, with the deliveries of 200 vehicles starting in early 1942.
167 Grants served successfully with the 4th Armoured Brigade during the Gazala battle.

Plastic Grant Sprue (x5)
Plastic Tank Commander Sprue (x1)
Decal Sheet (x1)

Unit Cards
7th Armoured Divison (x1)
Movement Orders (x1)
Grant Armoured Squadron HQ (x1)
Grant Armoured Troop (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures

Grant Armoured Troop Grant Armoured Troop Grant Armoured Troop Grant Armoured Troop Grant Armoured Troop

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Smoke Bombardment Markers

Smoke Bombardment Markers

Smoke Bombardment Markers

includes four Smoke Bombardment Markers.

Leytenant Ilya Budkevich smiled as he waited. He could hear the Tigers revving as they crossed the stream on the other side of the woods. They’d be in sight in a minute or so. Budkevich’s self-propelled guns were carefully positioned and thoroughly camouflaged. Fritz would be in for a shock when they opened fire.

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Artillery Template (4th Edition)

Artillery Template (4th Edition)

Artillery Template (V4)

includes one plastic Artillery Template.

Artillery and aircraft are not precision weapons. Their shells and bombs blanket a wide area, possibly wiping out dozens of the enemy at a time. Artillery Templates make it easy to work out who is hit, and who isn’t when you introduce these weapons into your games.

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Range Finder

Range Finder

Range Finder
includes one 4th Edition Range Finder.

The Range Finder was developed especially with 4th Edition Flames Of War in mind. It provides a quick reference for the range of defensive fire; command distances; movement distances and assault range.

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25pdr Field Troop

25pdr Field Troop

25pdr Field Troop
includes four plastic 25pdr guns, four large six-hole bases, two base plug sprues, four plastic Gun Crew sprues and two Unit cards.

The versatile Quick-Firing 25-pounder entered service just before the war began, and remains the main British field gun and howitzer throughout the desert war.

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Universal Carrier Patrols

Universal Carrier Patrols

Desert Rats Universal Carrier Patrols
includes nine plastic Universal Carriers, three plastic Crew sprues, one decal sheet and three Unit cards.

Each motor company includes a scout platoon of Universal Carriers. This versatile vehicle is commonly called a Bren Gun Carrier, which was the first variant developed, even though it has since evolved into a more general-purpose vehicle. Their usual job is scouting No Man's Land to reconnoitre enemy positions. They are also good for protecting the flanks as a mobile reserve, delivering extra firepower where it is most needed.

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Bofors Light AA Troop

Bofors Light AA Troop

Desert Rats Bofors Light AA Troop
includes three metal Bofors anti-aircraft guns, three large six-hole bases, one base plug sprue and one Unit card.

The open desert offers precious little cover from the Stuka dive-bombers of the Luftwaffe. The quick-firing Bofors guns can be relied on to drive away the harassing Axis aircraft before they have a chance to do too much harm.

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Nur 24,30 EUR
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