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Urban Fight Bases: Elipse 120mm

Urban Fight Bases: Elipse 120mm
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British Armoured Battle Group

British Armoured Battle Group
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Artikel verfügbar

Artikel verfügbar

British Armoured Battle Group
includes five plastic Cromwell tanks, two plastic Firefly tanks, two plastic M10 tanks, four plastic 25pdr guns, one Observer Rifle team, one plastic Universal Carrier transport, two Commander sprues, one Driver sprue, one mini 4th Flames Of War rulebook, one printed Start Here guide, two Decal sheets and ten Unit cards.

The British Army has been fighting and winning wars for hundreds of years. In that time they’ve taken the best that their foes can throw at them and the army has always come out on top. Equipped with the best tanks on offer the British look set to push back the Germans and end the war

The Cromwell (75mm)
The Cromwell tank was the latest in a long line of British cruiser tanks when it landed in Normandy. These were designed to be fast and mobile, able to exploit gaps in the enemy line and attack deep into their vulnerable rear areas. Being armed with the effective OQF 75mm gun, the Cromwell proved useful as infantry-support tanks in addition to their armoured exploitation role.

The Firefly (17pdr)
The Sherman Firefly was arguably the best combat version of the Sherman. Armed with the excellent 17pdr gun it gave the British and Commonwealth armoured forces the ability to destroy even the heaviest German tanks

The Firefly was originally built as a temporary alternative to the Challenger, an up gunned Cromwell, but was so successful that it overtook the troubled Challenger design as the main tank armed with the 17pdr.

The M10 (3 inch)
The US M10 was first supplied to the British in 1944. Initially the M10 (on an M4A2 chassis) and M10A1 (on an M4A3 chassis) were supplied and designated “M10 3in SP” and was the same at that used by the US forces.

British M10s saw service in Italy and France. The Canadians were responsible for its popular nick-name “Wolverine”, a name that has stuck with the M10 throughout post war literature.Starting in mid 1944 many British M10s were upgunned with the excellent 17pdr gun

The 25pdr
The OQF 25 pdr field gun is a reliable, accurate, well-designed and much-liked gun. With a well trained crew capable of firing 12 rounds a minute, it’s little wonder that the Germans in Normandy believe that the 25 pounders are ‘automatic’ and ‘belt-fed’!

The Universal Carrier
The Universal Carrier is the name give to the collection of vehicles that faithfully served with the British and Commonwealth armies in every theatre during the course of the Second World War

The Universal Carrier proved to be a very versatile vehicle; able to transport troops and supplies in addition to weapons such as machine-guns or mortars. The driver and commander sat in the front of the vehicle with the driver of the right hand side; the commander manned the weapon, commonly a Bren gun mounted slightly forward of the driving position

The Oberserver Rifle Team
By itself a battery can rain down a devastating barrage on any enemy formation in sight of the highly-trained forward observers. However, if the observing officer thinks the target warrants it, they can order a Mike Target. The whole field regiment then fires with all twenty-four guns as quickly as possible

Flames Of War 4th Edition Mini Rulebook (x1)
Start Here Guide  (x1)
Plastic Cromwell Sprue (x5)
Plastic Firefly Sprue (x2)
Plastic M10 Sprue (x2)
Plastic 25pdr Sprue (x4), Gun Crews (x20 figures) and OP team (x2 figures)
Plastic Universal Carrier Sprue (x1)
Plastic Tank Crew (x2)  
Plastic Driver Sprue (x1)
Plastic Bases
Decal Sheet (x2)

Unit Cards
British Force Card (x1)
Cromwell Armoured Squadron HQ (x1) 
Cromwell Armoured Troop (x2)
Firefly (x1)       
Cromwell (95mm) (x1)
M10 Anti-Tank Platoon (x1)      
25 pdr Field Troop (x1)
Infantry Observer (x1)  
Armoured Transport (x1)

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures

British Armoured Battle Group British Armoured Battle Group British Armoured Battle Group British Armoured Battle Group British Armoured Battle Group

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