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Australian Officer Team (Pacific)

Australian Officer Team (Pacific)
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Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis
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Art.Nr.: BF-BB219
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Artikel verfügbar

Desert Oasis

includes one Oasis Base, two Medium Plastic Palm Trees and two Large Plastic Palm Trees.

Scenery plays a vital part in any miniature wargame. The Battlefield in a Box range of tabletop-ready scenery is a quick and easy way to create a wargaming table straight out of the box, suitable for any scale miniature troops to fight over.

In the harsh environment of the desert, water is difficult to come by. These isolated pockets of vegetation provide a source of life-giving water to those who are lucky enough to stumble upon them.

The Desert Palms are an ideal accompaniment to the Desert Escarpments (BB217), Extra Large Dune (BB220), Large Dune (BB221), Desert Scrub (BB226) and Desert Palms (BB218).

Desert Oasis Desert Oasis Desert Oasis Desert Oasis

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