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Captain Hiroko

Captain Hiroko
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Panzer IV 7.5cm (Long) and (Short)

Panzer IV 7.5cm (Long) and (Short)
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Art.Nr.: BF-TANKS34
EAN: 9420020235632
Artikel verfügbar

Artikel verfügbar

Panzer IV 7.5cm (Long) and (Short)

With these new Desert releases come two new Panzer IV tanks. The long and short of it, forgive the pun, is that these tanks are earlier renditions of the Panzer IV tank that is already available.

 As the desert war went on, increasing numbers of Panzer IV were armed with the long-barrelled 7.5cm KwK40, switching from an artillery support role to a heavy anti-tank support one. The Panzer IV (Long) is almost identical to the current tank but has less Damage Capacity making it cheaper.

The short-barrelled Panzer IV was designed as an artillery support tank to back up the lighter Panzer III. It's heavy 7.5cm gun made it particularly useful against anti-tank guns. With the Panzer IV (Short), we have the introduction of a new rule, Artillery. This rule allows tanks to shoot “over” other tanks, but it is also a keyword that will be linked to other cards. The Artillery Observer is one such card.  It lets a stationary tank draw its line of sight from another tank, hitting targets it normally couldn't see. Although the tank doing the spotting must give up its shooting to use this ability.

15mm, plastic

Panzer IV 7.5cm (Long) and (Short) Panzer IV 7.5cm (Long) and (Short) Panzer IV 7.5cm (Long) and (Short)

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