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Sir Oswald Moseley - BUF Leader

Sir Oswald Moseley - BUF Leader
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Desert Rats Command Cards

Desert Rats Command Cards
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Artikel verfügbar

Desert Rats Command Cards

Contains 36 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and cutomise your units.

Command Cards provide Flames Of War generals with a way to further personalise and enhance their forces.
These optional cards include a range of options that can enhance or change your gaming experience by adding new Formations, Upgrades and Warriors, giving you even more choice when building your force.

Many Command cards are hidden until they are used, so you’re never quite sure what your opponent’s battle plans are until they are revealed. While hidden, Command cards do not affect their attached unit—a player must reveal them if they wish to gain the benefits of the card. Some Command cards must be revealed at the start of the game; these cards are used to build your army and have the keyword 'Build'.
Command cards can be added to your force in two ways. You can add them to your normal point cost, just as you would add a Unit to your force, or you and your opponent can agree on a set amount of points that each may use just to add Command cards to their lists.

Desert Rats Command Card List

Pip Roberts – Warrior
John Currie – Warrior
Sticky Bombs – Unit
Planned Raid – Force
Tenacity – Formation
Artillery Expert – Force
For Kind and Country – Formation
SAS Raid – Force
LRDG Raid – Force
Portees - Build, Unit
Indian Motor Company - Build, Formation
Guards Motor Company - Build, Formation
Scout Tanks - Build, Force
Humber Armoured Car Squadron - Build, Formation
Australian Divisional Cavalry - Build, Formation
New Zealand Divisional Cavalry - Build, Formation
They Don't Like It Up 'Em – Formation
Lucky – Formation
Soft Skin Transport - Build, Unit
Charmed Life – Formation
Cut Them Down – Formation
Captured Tank – Formation
Fortify The Building – Formation
Dead Eye – Unit
Marksman – Formation
Hidden In Plain Sight – Formation
Diversionary Tactics – Force
Roll Over Them – Unit
Dummy Minefield – Force
Ferocious Valour – Formation
Cavalry Commander – Unit
Broadside – Formation
Short Halts – Formation
Sweet Shooting – Formation
Teamwork – Formation
Semi-Indirect Fire - Formation

Pip Roberts
There are two ways Warriors can affect your force: some Warriors, like Pip Roberts, have a global effect that will enhance a large part of your force; others will replace models in your force and fight alongside your troops.
Remember, like other non-build cards, Warriors remain hidden until used, so your opponent might not know until it’s too late that they are facing a formidable warrior.

This card is a upgrade for the 6pdr unit, it basically makes your 6pdrs into an unarmoured Tank teams, giving the unit a lot more mobility.
This card can be used with your 6pdr models or if you happen to have the portee model, and want to use it, then this card allows you to do so.

Australian and New Zealand Divisional Cavalry
One of the things we wanted to do in these Command Cards was add content that we could not include in the book. Build Cards are going to be some of the coolest options in the deck, giving you a whole new way to play your armies.

Battlefront MIniatures

Desert Rats Command Cards Desert Rats Command Cards Desert Rats Command Cards Desert Rats Command Cards

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Red Thunder: Soviets in WWIII

Red Thunder: Soviets in WWIII

Red Thunder: Soviets in WWIII

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