Eightfold Path Shrine

Eightfold Path Shrine
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Eightfold Path Shrine

28S-FAR-118 this is a “28Standard” 4Ground kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

The State Religion of the Tueden League is the Eightfold Path and Followers of the Path can be found throughout the league from the poorest peasants to the High Patrician.  This doesn't cause many religious problems as one of the main tenants of the Eightfold Path is that all the gods are aspects of Mother.

Therefore it is not uncommon while travelling the paths and roads of the Tueden League to find near crossroads, lakes, rivers and streams a roadside shrine. These buildings are built over the years by the local congregations of Followers of the Path near points that are of magical and religious significance and once adopted by the local rectifier are tended to by one of the wards Path Wardens.

The shrine is made in the shape of an octagon, this covers the eight aspects of mother and the relevant carvings are made in the respective eights.  The exceptions are the aspects of Flesh and Spirit, you always enter the Shrine through flesh and you always leave through Spirit to represent the birth and death of your earthly being.  Only an Ascended of the Eightfold Path is able to enter the shrine through the Spirit door as they have transcended the mortal concerns of the world.

This kit includes one Eightfold Path Shrine.

Dimensions: 100mm x 120mm

28mm, MDF

Eightfold Path Shrine Eightfold Path Shrine Eightfold Path Shrine Eightfold Path Shrine Eightfold Path Shrine

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